Our Mission

Sand Hill Consulting Associates (SHCA) has been serving the ophthalmic business community since 1988.
The partners are experienced and skilled in assisting major corporations as well as start-up companies with strategic planning, implementation of tactical initiatives, selection of key personnel and building the management team.

SHCA advises clients with their merger and acquisition activities by conducting a business and financial audit while participating in the due diligence process. Our written and verbal observations-recommendations reports delineate each scenario related to upside opportunities while carefully uncovering the risks associated with transacting the deal.

One focus of SHCA, as we advise start-up and emerging companies, is assisting in the proper development of the business plan and presentation materials for the investment community. We help clients to select, employ and best utilize their medical/clinical/business advisory groups. SHCA takes advantage of its extensive network of professionals from the medical and business communities to advise on best matches for each client.

SHCA has also partnered with Economic Development Agencies and leading universities around the world. SHCA will aid in creating new technologies and techniques in raising the bar for ophthalmology’s “standard-of-care” Another role of SHCA is their commitment to assist inventors in finding more efficient ways to deliver transformational, disruptive ophthalmic technologies and techniques which can provide the ophthalmologist novel approaches for better clinical outcomes.